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HealthyBlog’s Giving Away Trilogy Rosehip Oil!

25 March 2009 45 Comments

Hey Guys,Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Well Congrats to last weeks winner Helen from Wellington AKA Possum who won a free Body and Soul Pack.

This week we are giving away a healthy alturnative to Bio Oil that is Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil.

If you would like to win this great package just watch the video bellow.

So submit a comment and return back sunday where you can find out whether you have won.

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  • sheree said:

    love the stuff great product

  • Vicky Marshall said:

    How worrying to hear about bio-oil – I have a bottle in the cupboard I am now going to dispose of!. Trilogy Rose Hip Oil sounds like a much better alternative. I have used their products before and they are very effective.

  • Mellisa Hadfield said:

    Really interesting read regarding Bio Oil. Its amazing how things are promoted as safe, and I used this every day during my pregnancy on advice from a pharmacy! The rosehip oil sounds lovely!

  • Robyn said:

    Thanks for the info on Bio Oil, I will throw mine out now. Keep up the great work.

  • Maree said:

    I love Trilogy Products – currently use the rosehip oil and am absolutely loveing the everything balm too!!

    Natural product and a decent price too!

  • ck smith said:

    wow thanks for info on bio oil, have just binned my bottle. would be great to win this trilogy product to see how that is for me as a replacement product to the bio oil, trilogy sounds great but proof is in the using I find

  • Angela said:

    Wow I had not idea! It’s advertised so much and you see and hear so many good things about it that you don’t expect it to be bad for you! I have been using it religiously since I became pregnant and will definately be stopping now. The results it has is definately not worth the harm it may be doing to your body! Thanks for the warning! Anybody want half a used bottle of Bio-Oil…?

  • Claire said:

    Rose Hip was an essential drink for babies years ago – therefore, it’s a safe bet the oil extracted from this wonderful shrub will be safe, effective and cheaper as the plants grow wild in many places of NZ. Thanks for an informative discussion.

  • Possum said:

    I’ve never (thankfully) used Bio oil as I was initially too worried about it when I first discovered it had soybean oil in it…which I’m highly allergic to!!!
    Sounds like a nasty ‘manufactured” oil so it would definitely be much safer (for me, as I am allergic to so many products) to use a beautiful product such as Rosehip oil, especially since, as Claire points out, Rosehip oil has been used for years on babies…
    Would love to be able to trial this in the form of a competition win Thanks heaps Trilogy & Healthyblog!!

  • stephanie said:

    I got told to use bio oil during my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks so I did and I still got heaps of really bad stretch marks anyway… then was like wtf bio oil doesnt work and asked what should I use for my stretch marks and everyone says bio oil…so i kept using it hoping that it would at least improve them because it seems to be the only product for it… BUT it is overpriced shit and DOES not WORK.
    Now I see the rosehip oil promoted & I want to try that instead

  • Carolyn Payne said:

    Argh I’ve been using Bio-oil! so would love to win this alternative, sounds lovely!

  • Ollie said:

    I had no idea Bio Oil could be harmful; thanks for letting us know the truth!

    Cheers, Ollie.

  • Coco_Radar said:

    Arghhhh I use Bio Oil everyday, well until tomorrow, wont be using it now. Would love to try an alternative. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Monica said:

    I’ve been using bio-oil for a few years and now that I think about it I’ve never really noticed much improvement with my stretch marks. And now there’s another good reason why I shouldn’t be using it. Thanks Sam, will give this rosehip oil a go from now on :)

  • figwit said:

    Wow, I swear you can’t trust any product anymore! Though natural alternatives do seem the way to go!
    I’m glad I always too lazy to go get some bio oil!

  • Rose Hip said:

    Thanks for sharing this very important info. Im now wondering if youre not surposed to have petroleum products on your face then that means using vasline (petroleum jelly) as a lip balm surely isnt a good idea either.

  • Kristy Gray said:

    and to think i was going to buy some for my 3 year old son’s facial scar! Glad i procrastinate lol

  • Linda McPadden said:

    Thank you so much for alerting me to this fact . I am angry – Ive spent so much on Bio Oil which is now in the bin . I would love to try your product as an alternative . Everything I read makes it sound so great .

  • Rosebud said:

    Its really interesting to read your blogs !!!!

    Thanks for the info (AND an alternative)

    BTW: Thise Bio Oil TV ads are soooooooooooooo annoying !!

  • Rosebud said:

    Its really interesting to read your blogs !!!!

    Thanks for the info (AND an alternative)

    BTW: Those Bio Oil TV ads are soooooooooooooo annoying !!

  • Criselda Williamson said:

    Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea Bio oil could be bad. I’m using something similar (Neutrogena body oil), now I wonder if that could be bad for me too. Anyway thanks for the info again.

  • laura romana said:

    Hi I just wanted to thank you for posting this information for the public which is not always readily available. I was interested in the product your giving away this week because I love using oil for massages, (mostly receiving them) I admit I have been using Bio-oil on my cheeks and would really appreciate receiving a gift like this to try out. If I get the Rosehip oil I promise to post my review of it the minute I use it. Thanks again for all your hard work what your doing is great!

  • Donna Vega said:

    Thank you so much for your info. I have been using BIO oil for awhile as it was refered as miracle oil to erase scars, stretchmarks & even skin tone. How horrible it is for them to use dangerous ingredients. Lots and lots of products now bring danger to our society. It pays to be aware & careful. THANKS FOR YOUR NATURAL ALTERNATIVE, More power to your Rosehip oil. CHEERS.

  • jemmy said:

    i don’t even know bio oil is harmful i bought that for 25bux! geez!

  • Cynthia Smith said:

    Your comments promoting the virtue of Rosehip Oil, remind me of a well known Auckland Yoga exponent who has sworn by it for a number of years. Despite her genuinely youthful appearance, she is no ‘chicken’ and now I understand why her skin always looks wonderful. Thanks to your insight, now I say ‘Yuk’ to Bio Oil. Trilogy Rosehip Oil here I come.

  • Nikki said:

    Oh no, I use this everyday with my baby on the way! I will be looking out for your product to try in place of bio oil.

  • Fleur said:

    Wow, i had no idea bio oil was bad for you! I was about to purchase a new bottle having nearly run out but will now steer clear! Would love to try the alternative.

  • Atlantis said:

    Thanks for the heads up :)

  • Janifa said:

    Wow had no idea, I have been using Bio oil on my kids. I would love to give Rosehip Oil a try.

  • Rebecca said:

    SO informative – thanks for sharing!!

  • JADE MARIE said:

    Wow thanks so much. From all the ad’s and promotion work surrounding this product, you would assume that it would live up to its great promises.
    Thanks for doing this as i was going to give this to my mum who has a scar from recent surgery

  • Nikki said:

    Scary news regarding Bio oil. Anything Organic is the way of the future!!!

  • Gemma said:

    Thanks for this useful info, very eyeopening!

  • Teresa said:

    Im really astounded that this isnt common knowledge amongst the public. Your blog is much appreciated and will be passed onto my friends and family. Your findings have actually opened my eyes to ALL my beauty products and Im determined to find better alternatives!

  • Rogue said:

    OK so I cant access the BIO Oil article and I really wanna see it! Especially since I’m staring at a bottle right now… Does anyone have the YourTube URL?

  • SamBakker (author) said:

    Hey Sorry about that Rogue, It should be accessible now otherwise heres the URL for the youtube video =). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeRJ0bRyxmY

  • Sherri said:

    Oh no Bio oil bad I have a bottle and was using on my face daily – I have used Trilogy Rose hip products once before. The smell is fabulous.

  • jess said:

    this is a great product trilogy have a lovely range and all totally natural

  • Carina said:


    A couple of Rose-hip oil tips:

    To help spread your Rose-hip oil further as a body oil you can add it to a base of Sweet almond oil, or if you’re feeling more extravagant you can use Apricot kernal oil. These are both great moisturisers for the skin although stick to using almond oil on the body not face.

    On the face if you find it hard to spread your Rose-hip oil, or if you are oily oir prone to acne and so concerned about applying it too heavily, try dampening your face with cool water first. Or a couple of sprays of Trilogy toner first!

    You can buy these oils at Health stores or online.

  • Louise said:

    I’ve just finished using my 2nd bottle of Bio Oil. Thats the end of that stuff for me. From now on I will be using Trilogy Rosehip Oil. Cheers for the info.

  • Di said:

    I used bio Oil for about a month and hated the fact it was so oily so stopped using it – now Im glad I did. Organic products are great but unfortunatley they are still a little more expensive than the others. Great website – have bookmarked it :-)

  • Robyn said:

    Have done heaps of reading about Bio Oil and have thrown mine out. Can’t believe they can sell this stuff.

  • gloria said:

    Its interesting to learn that not just bio-oil but many very expensive skin products contain mineral oil. Always check the ingredients. Dont assume because its costing a lot that it is only good ingredients. Be a smart consumer! Rosehip oil sounds like a great alternative.

  • Olivia said:

    An oil made of rose-hips – it sounds so natural and inviting like a dress made of petals.

  • name said:

    So where it to find,

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