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The Lemon Detox Diet Did You Fall For It???

26 January 2009 5 Comments

lemon detox diet

We went on a search to find out if the lemon detox diet is all everyone has been saying it is.

There are mixed reactions that’s for sure however most of the good publicity and hype for the diet has been produced by those with distributorships making money from sales. Alot of health professionals and nutritionists are saying no to the diet. So I did some digging and you’re not going to believe what I found on the internet.

Where did the Lemon Detox Diet come from?

According to just a guy thing The Lemonade diet was originally founded in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, Who was once charged for Second-Degree Murder after a patient died from one of his treatments.

What is it made to do?

The diet eliminates toxins and congestion that have built up in the body and, because you don’t get a complete source of macro-nutrients, it is actually consider fasting rather than a diet. So does it work and loose weight without harming your health or killing you? The lemon detox distributors think so.

Here’s a channel 9 advertisement on the detox diet.

It gives you the impression that the lemon detox diet is designed to loose weight. which is smart from a marketing perspective. Obviously weight loss is where all the money is, they couldn’t sell as many Detox diets as they have if they were just marketing it as a detox diet. I know from experience and talking to others on the diet that they are on it for the weight loss benefits it claims to have. The testimonials are abit to un-natural for my liking however it does give a good roundup of the intentions the Lemon Detox has.

So lets see what a nutritionists view on this is. There are a few resources knocking the diet, However this one i believe was the most informative.

In the above video nutritionist Matt O’Neill from smartshape.com.au takes us through the package and gives us his spin why he believes the diet is not the right way to go if you value your muscle mass and health in anyway. He of course has not gone on the diet himself as his views are from the knowledge he has gained in being in the health industry are against it. I would also add the point that it looks like cat piss and i personally would find it hard to stomach with that image in my head.

I have allot of friends who are really into there health and fitness and not one of them that I have asked would be willing to risk the 3 day period the detox asks for because they know that food is fuel and nothing can beat a well balanced diet.

So what does our health expert at Ideal Health have to say about the diet?

Wow so much information about the Lemon Detox Diet in one video. You’ll notice all the certificates featured behind me and Leanne were the various degrees she has accumulated over the years so she knows her stuff. There were some great points Leanne had that I will highlight on just now.

You’ll see at the end of the video Leanne commented about saving the Orangutans. For those of you that don’t already know there is a massive oil frenzy in some countries at the moment over the oil produced by Palm trees in the forest rain forest. This means that trees are constantly being burnt down for the oil. Orangutans are being slaughtered to the point of extinction. Lemon Detox uses this oil as part of there formula in there products which allot of people do not like. You can view more info at save the Orangutans

I asked Leanne if the lemon detox diet will help loose weight?

Leanne also made a crucial point here that anyone looking to loose weight will most likely not achieve that with the Lemon Detox diet as if you are on it you will loose fat for the time your detoxing however when you get back to a normal style of eating you will pack the fat right back on unfortunately. Thus it is more of a quick fix.

Leanne’s advice is to stay away and after reviewing the products for myself i would have to agree. The Lemon detox diet is life threatening for some and misleading to others,

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think? What experiences have you had? Am I wrong?

If you have tried it before please feel free to place comments below and let me know what your results have been like?
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  • Carol Johnson said:

    I did the Lemon Detox Diet for 7 days. At the end of the first day I was aware that I was indeed detoxing, as I got the headache from hell, felt cold, and just wanted to sleep. This had nothing to do with not eating for a day either as I have done this heaps of times and never had such a quick reaction. I never felt hungry during the week, and after a couple of days I started to feel great, as if I could go on forever. At the end of the 7 days I had lost 6.5kgs and my normally red eyes were much clearer as was my skin. When I ate ‘normally’ I watched what I put in my mouth, put on 1kg, and the rest has stayed off.

  • Jd said:

    Just like any other fad diet, I believe this is nothing more than a gimmick used to make a quick buck of desperate people. The same people who swore by the Atkinson’s Diet, the Acai Berry Diet and Zone Diet are nowhere to be seen. Starving yourself throughout the day and binging on certain types of foods is dangerous and misleading at best. The best thing to do is lose weight properly and safely- Portion control, a good exercise routine, healthy eating are just a start. Medical professionals should be consulted. I would love to see some real scientific evidence on the Lemon Detox Diet and its long term affects on the human body. Short term you may lose weight on these fad diets but long term its unsustainable. To the people who are promoting The Lemon Detox Diet should prove scientific evidence on its effectiveness. There is no way to cheat your body into losing weight, changing your lifestyle and attitude is the key to success. All the best.

  • Jennifer said:

    There is alot of misconception about the program. Firstly, it is not a weight loss program so all these nutritionists and health “experts” cannot go around remarking about the weight loss effects on the program. Weight loss is merely a side effect of the program which the principal effect is the detoxification of the organs.
    There are certainly mixed reaction, especially from those whos businesses are effected by alternative programs such as the Lemon Detox and other detox programs in the market place.
    Also to clear up history, Stanley Burroughs was not charged for murder. One of his patients did die, but had nothing to do with the Lemon Detox. The patient was involved in hands on therapy, but Stanley Burroughs was cleraed of any wrong doings. It is pathetic how a story is twisted to suit an editorial.
    But it is a lack of research from many who fail to understand what a detox is all about, and yes you certainly may feel sick on a detox as your body is eliminating toxins.
    It is not designed to lose weight: If you read the home page of the NZ
    Lemon Detox site you will see that the company strictly states that it is not a weight loss program.
    I have done the detox 3 times in 2 years and I beleive it to be a great way to cleanse your body from the impurities. The company are also very helpful in answering your questions as I have emailed them occasionally whilst I was on the program, so I do advise do not listen to media, hear from real people who have actually experienced the effects of a detoxification.

  • admin (author) said:

    Thanks for the comment Jennifer, always appreciated :) Always happy to research the actual facts…… Thanks for the clarification !

    Just wanted to note: in the case of Stanley Burroughs
    The PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Respondent,
    Stanley BURROUGHS, Defendant and Appellant.
    Cr. 23151.Supreme Court of California,
    In Bank.April 19, 1984.
    Rehearing Denied May 24, 1984.) the appeal documents state; That he was in fact found guilty of “second degree felony murder (Pen.Code, § 187) in the treatment and death of Lee Swatsenbarg.”
    Some background from the court documents state;
    “During the first meeting between Lee and defendant, the latter described his method of curing cancer. This method included consumption of a unique “lemonade,” exposure to colored lights, and a brand of vigorous massage administered by defendant. Defendant remarked that he had successfully treated “thousands” of people, including a number of physicians.”

    Rather than improve, within two weeks Lee’s condition began rapidly to deteriorate. He developed a fever, and was growing progressively weaker. Defendant counseled Lee that all was proceeding according to plan, and convinced the young man to postpone a bone marrow test urged by his doctor.

    During the next week Lee became increasingly ill. He was experiencing severe pain in several areas, including his abdomen, and vomiting frequently. Defendant administered “deep” abdominal massages on two successive days, each time telling Lee he would soon recuperate.

    Lee did not recover as defendant expected, however, and the patient began to suffer from convulsions and excruciating pain. He vomited with increasing frequency. Despite defendant’s constant attempts at reassurance, the Swatsenbargs began to panic when Lee convulsed for a third time after the latest abdominal massage. Three and a half weeks into the treatment, the couple spent the night at defendant’s house, where Lee died of a massive hemorrhage of the mesentary in the abdomen. The evidence presented at trial strongly suggested the hemorrhage was the direct result of the massages performed by defendant.

    After trial in Califonia, Burroughs was convicted of a form of felony murder for causing a death of a terminally ill patient via Burroughs’ holistic treatments (massage and color light therapy for a leukemia patient). The criminal conviction was a form of practicing medicine without a license leading to death. Burrough’s conviction was eventually overturned by the California Supreme Court (Rose Bird), and he was released from prison after spending a number of years incarcerated.

    Other early legal problems Burroughs was involved in include failure to pay support payments to his ex-wife for the support of his ex-wife and minor daughters, who were still living in Portland in the 1950’s.

    I’d encourage readers to check out the Wikipedia Article on him and be sure to click the credible citations :)

    Thanks again for the comment Jennifer :)

  • admin (author) said:

    “The majority reverse appellant’s second degree felony-murder conviction on the ground that practicing medicine without a license is not an inherently dangerous felony. I agree with that conclusion, as well as with the directions that on retrial appellant may be prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter. However, I would rest the reversal on a broader ground. The time has come for this court to discard the artificial and court-created offense of second degree felony murder. {Page 35 Cal.3d 837}

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